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Ein paar Worte zu mir

Dipl. Pharm. Ing., Heilpraktikerin, Familien- u. Systemaufstellerin, DORN-Therapeutin

Bei der Arbeit in Seminaren und Praxis fließen immer meine gesammelten Erfahrungen und Überzeugungen ein. Gerne will ich dir erzählen, wo ich einen großen Teil dieser Erfahrungen erworben habe. Die Liebe zur Natur und ihren Gaben, sowie das Bedürfnis zu helfen, wurden mir schon in die Wiege gelegt und ich habe dieses Geschenk dankend von meinen Eltern und Ahnen angenommen.

Corina Wohlfeil-Großer


... mein Weg zu Wissen und Erfahrungen


Fachlich begann alles mit meiner Ausbildung und Arbeit in der Apotheke. Dort habe ich sehr viel über Kräuter, Herstellung und das alte Apothekenhandwerk gelernt. Doch ich wollte mehr wissen und widmete mich dem Studium der Pharmazie. Nach dem Diplom arbeitete ich bei renommierten Pharmazieunternehmen mit Schwerpunkt auf Vitamine, Elektrolyte und Mineralstoffe, später kamen noch Psychopharmaka hinzu.

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In 1992 I opened an online shop for health-promoting and natural products ( This was followed by the degree as a naturopath and the subsequent opening of the practice and of course RückGrad Academy 1995. In the following years I continued my education in various areas of alternative medicine, gained experience in my practice and passed on my knowledge myself in seminars and lectures. I am proud of my graduation in distant Sri Lanka. Here I gained a lot of experience and became an Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher at the University of Colombo Prof. Dr. RS Jayawardane trained.

I found my particular passion in systemic work. Even if you never stop learning in this area, I was able to enjoy a very intensive training as a systemic therapist between 1998 and 2005 with Bert Hellinger, Michaela Kaden and Dietrich Weth. In connection with this, I have been able to develop a very deep, perceptive and solving methodology in numerous constellations. It is always amazing how emotions affect the entire body and organism and how problems that have been pent up for years dissolve into thin air from one second to the next with the right “push of a button”.

In addition to seminars and constellations, my team and I have been training people to become health advisors, trainers and therapists at the Spine Academy since the beginning of the millennium. We look back on 5,000 successful graduates and I am always happy that we were able to prepare so many people for a new career and often a new future.

As a speaker at congresses, I enjoy interacting with the general public. Of course, this usually happens in an alternative medical environment such as the Dorn Congress or the Congress for Medicine and Consciousness. But also specialist conferences like that of the neurosurgeons invite me again and again to share my view of things and to discuss them.

At home in my little naturopathic institute, I keep testing new products for my patients and our increasingly broader Nextamed, but I also research my own remedies. In 2008, for example, I developed my first homeopathic product with the Dorn complex. But it doesn't always have to be medicinal, very simple, natural products are also an important part of the whole! For example, I produce the three massage oils myself in my garden with fresh, natural ingredients.

Our health magazine, Naturally, the RückGrad Journal, which I am in charge of, is very close to my heart. Here, topics worth knowing from the alternative health sector are examined in more detail and a platform is provided on which our Naturally RückGrad members can exchange ideas. I was also able to pass on my knowledge in television appearances and YouTube videos.

I particularly enjoy my seminar trips to beautiful Alanya on the Turkish Riviera every year. In such places of power I notice again and again how energizing such healing places for group work are. I am all the more pleased that trips to very special places on earth are also an important part of our master’s health advisor training.

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