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New calling through self-healing

Your first step towards independence

Combine vacation, training and regeneration

in one of the most beautiful places on the Turkish Riviera!

from May 24th to 29th, 2021


Training as a health advisor
to strengthen the inner strength

Regeneration for the spine, intervertebral discs and joints

We escape the cold, dreary season in Germany and fly towards the sun to spend holidays, training and / or other activities in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Enjoying regeneration at the same time.

Use the power of this place of energy, located directly between the turquoise sea and the mighty Taurus Mountains, to regain your inner strength. Our experienced seminar leader Corina Wohlfeil-Großer takes you carefully by the hand in order to bring your body, mind and soul into a healthy balance with you and to discover your (self-) healing powers with you.

Choose from the following two programs:

First Self-awareness through the body for regeneration
of mind and soul and to activate the inner strength

2. Training to become a certified health trainer and consultant

- recognized training in one week to become a health advisor -

With all pain, we look at the back first

Training content:

Bei allen Schmerzen schauen wir zuerst auf den Rücken

We hope to be able to welcome you to our next seminar trip and to discover the wonderful surroundings and yourself with you. Get inspired!

This offer is ideal as a regeneration or repetition week. Acquire your certificate for the DORN-Breuss basic course. Or use the "spiral muscle training" course as preparation for training as a health advisor / trainer for holistic rehabilitation with the SMS system / DORN in Prague at Dr. Smisek.

Are you employed and would you like to continue your professional development? The education bonus can support you in this. With the premium voucher for the education premium, the federal government pays half of the costs for advanced training courses up to € 500.

The education bonus supports working women and men with an income of up to € 20,000 (€ 40,000 for jointly assessed individuals) with the bonus voucher - or the education savings. Child allowances are taken into account when calculating the taxable income. Get advice about your options at one of the nationwide advice centers in Germany. Or talk to us, of course RückGrad eV We are only a phone call away, 07071-8607210.

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